How did the book PAINDEMIC come to be?

paindemic Nov 01, 2016

I can tell you there was never any grand scheme to be an author. It has been an evolution of sorts.

With an appetite for motion, I was very active as an athlete during my teenage years and college. I know the pain of dealing with pushing through pain for achieving higher fitness including 6 minute miles. My sports included softball, track and field, basketball, volleyball, and soccer which had different demands, including time (which led to discontinuing marching band in 9th grade).

During an intramural co-ed basketball game at the University of Texas at Austin, I endured a torn ACL (anterior cruciate ligament). The physical pain was not as bad as the emotional pain…I was supposed to try out for the very first UT Austin Girls Varsity Soccer team. I realized then just how much it meant to me to remain active. Yes, when you are denied what gives you the most pleasure, it can be incredibly painful. Not the end of the world to be out of commission from sports, but it was my...

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