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australia May 01, 2017

Aside from poisonous snakes and spiders, I always love to travel to Australia. The sense of change, adventure, seeing friends, and meeting new people give me such joy. It is no surprise that I always want to go back.

My most recent adventure took me to Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, and the suburbs of Sydney. In every city, we had the opportunity to use the city bikes (<$3 per day) to see more of the surroundings with my fiancé. It is such an awesome way to stay active and remain full of energy, especially when the weather works in our favor.

Of course, early spring in October is our favorite time to explore Australia as it is not too hot and not to cold for my cold-natured self.

Let’s not forget the animals…kangaroos, wombats, koalas, and yes, camels! Whether at zoos, sanctuaries, or at the sand dunes, there is plenty of animal variety in Australia.

As for other beauty, the botanical gardens in all cities were readily accessible and...

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