My mission (or so-called prescription) as the Challenge Doctor is to I.C.E.: Inspire, Challenge, and Educate on the wildfire of the PAINDEMIC™ along with the importance of challenging your mind and body for more optimal health and wellness (which can be considered the antiPAIN Lifestyle).

Whether trying to role model a healthier lifestyle or explaining approaches to health issues to patients, I feel compelled to make a difference.

After working in the medical field, you learn to appreciate that much of what we must contend with in life is stress. When we are not taught the skills to address stress in a healthy way, we can manifest some type of symptom, whether it is increased weight, poor food choices, anxiety, interpersonal relationship problems, alcoholism, chain smoking, and sometimes pain. Many times those choices and behaviors can become conscious or subconscious habits that never seem to go away. Unfortunately, they can have negative consequences on our health and our happiness.

For so many years, there were several habits for which I never gave myself credit. One of those was being physically active. As I was reaching my 40’s, I began to really appreciate and acknowledge that my “little” choices sustained over time had enabled me to avoid the obesity that is found in many family members. The little things really do matter, and I try to help others recognize that they do not need to do extreme things to make progress.

I am known as the “Challenge Doctor” and hence created this website as a place to help people realize that they can create positive change by educating and challenging themselves. This website came about when I realized I had very little time in my work setting to educate patients about their multiple health issues.

Ironically, challenge can present itself in life in so many ways, whether physical or emotional. Aside from stress, there is also depression, anxiety, addictions, guilt, loss of one's limb, loss of a loved one, a new medical diagnosis, relationship challenges, lack of connection, or a new demand overwhelming one's already difficult circumstances. They are all important and how we view them and approach them are critically important.

The one challenge that felt near and dear to me was chronic or persistent pain. It was then that I realized I should write my first book, PAINDEMIC: A Practical and Holistic Look at Chronic Pain, the Medical System, and the antiPAIN Lifestyle.

My mission has extended into creating a community for those who suffer or are challenged by pain, PainOutLoud.com. By hearing healing stories from those who have found a way to feel better and by learning from the myriad of pain professionals who are staunch patient advocates, it is my deepest desire that they find some direction, assistance, and hope for less pain and more joy in life.

This mission is in its infancy and there is much more to come!



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