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Melissa Cady, D.O. is the author of PAINDEMIC. This book is Dr. Cady's contribution to the world as a pain medicine trained physician who has also mastered her own back pain. The goal of PAINDEMIC is to be a voice of reason for patients who suffer from chronic pain and for professionals who help them.

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PAIN and SIMPLE™️ — Pain Wisdom Simply Stated

Dr. Cady shares her evolving pain wisdom in alignment with recent modern pain science in Pain and Simple™️. She shares beautiful photography from her own travels with simple pain coping reminders.

If you have struggled to find meaningful change with your own persistent pain, then this book could help enlighten you, support you, or simply redirect you on your own pain journey. If you know of someone who is struggling with pain, then this book can be a gift of healthy guidance, education, and inspiration.



A Practical and Holistic Look at Chronic Pain, the Medical System, and the antiPAIN Lifestyle.

Have new pain or old pain? Know someone with pain? Perspective is everything before you dive into what the medical community will offer you or your loved ones. 



Dr. Cady provides anesthesia services in Austin and surrounding areas at multiple facilities.

What is Anesthesia?

Video created by Dr. Cady to help others understand what to expect with most elective surgery anesthesia.



Melissa Cady, DO is a board-certified, fellowship-trained pain medicine physician who chose not to do invasive pain procedures and not to prescribe controlled substances for persistent pain. Dr. Cady is available by TELEMEDICINE ONLY to give second opinions for those who want to make sense of their pain and engage in conservative & active approaches for their pain.

Telemedicine-Only Pain Consultations

Dr. Cady accepts cash and some insurance for TELEMEDICINE consultations (please inquire regarding insurance). You can schedule on the Painless Wellness Facebook Business Page.

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The Changed Physician Podcast is for physicians and hosted by Dr. Melissa Cady and her co-host, Dr. Kevin Cuccaro.

The Changed Physician Podcast

This podcast is where physicians can learn the mindsets, skills, & strategies to create the life they want without selling out their morals or values.

Twice a week, Dr. Melissa Cady and her co-host Dr. Kevin Cuccaro, discuss topics and interview physicians about their own transformations in their life and career, either within and/or outside of medicine. Physicians can join the community or listen to prior podcast episodes at


Community Leader

Dr. Cady is the founder of PAIN OUT LOUD, a community of pain challengers and pain professionals. Members are able to hear that "Healing Stories Matter" from real-life pain challengers. And they can be inspired to overcome their own pain with the wisdom from thoughtful pain professionals.

PAIN OUT LOUD: Healing Stories Matter

Community of Pain Challengers & Pain Professionals

This is a community site to hear pain challengers tell their story of PAIN OUT LOUD regarding healthy ways in which they have overcome or minimized suffering from their pain. It is also a resource to hear pain professionals share their practical, holistic, and varied approaches to pain challenges.


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