New Zealand Adventures

new zealand Mar 01, 2017

Where do I start? New Zealand is purely amazing and the most serene place I have visited. Unlike Australia, there are no poisonous snakes or spiders with which to be concerned. My last adventure was filled with traveling between the north and south islands with my fiancé. We had the opportunity to not only travel in a car on the opposite side of the road and on the opposite side of the car, but explore cities by bike for more fun exercise and even wine tours! My favorite wine tour by bike was in Hastings. Cycling through neighboring lots with sheep and other wildlife was just too cool.

Then there are those visits with friends who let us get up close and personal with their own animals.

The first time for me to hold a baby piglet and lamb.








But I must admit that the coolest of adventures was down to the south island. In the city of Kaikoura, I had the blessing of diving with dusky dolphins.


Shortly after the dolphin experience, we saw these seal pups from afar on the rocky shore.

But then, the icing on the cake was a free, unplanned, and wild exposure to baby seal pups. This one we affectionately named him Pup Hollywood since he seemed to be thoroughly intrigued by us humans. The other six frolicked around a waterfall pond as if we were not there.

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