Dr. Cady's Back Pain Story

back pain Jan 15, 2017

Although I am bending appropriately at my hip joints in this picture, this pose would have been difficult during a unique time during medical school.

During my medical training, I was engaging in one of my typical workouts with weights. However, I was using very heavy weight with a hack leg press and shifted to using one leg versus both legs. Then there was a twinge in my low back on my right side. However, it was not extraordinarily painful. In fact, it was barely perceptible.

Then the next morning came around. Extreme pain in my low right back made it nearly impossible for me to tie my own shoes. As many do, I just tried to push through it and get through the days with the hopes that it would go away.

After about a week, the back pain was not better and I decided to go see a local osteopathic physician. I was told that I was pushing too hard with working out everyday. As many active people can attest to, just being active every day does not mean “too much.” It all...

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