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"While in college, I worked as a physical therapy aide, personal trainer, and then later as an office assistant within medical practices. In light of my desire to acquire more knowledge, I chose to go to medical school. After being accepted into an osteopathic and an allopathic medical school, I chose to become a D.O. to gain additional training in manual medicine. After four years of osteopathic medical school followed by two internships, a residency and a fellowship, I am board-certified in anesthesiology and pain medicine via the American Board of Anesthesiology. I am currently practicing anesthesiology in Austin, Texas. As always, I continue to live an active lifestyle in hopes of inspiring others to do the same.

The reason for this website is that I have a lot of perspectives with respect to the medical field and little time to explain. And, at times, there are some important perspectives that are not conveyed via the general media, which leaves the patient at a disadvantage. I truly believe there are many shortcomings in the way the medical field is constructed, but there is also a societal tendency to look for the quick-fix. Ignorance and denial that our bad choices are contributing to our poor health is not helping us nor the price of healthcare. Despite hardworking and well-intentioned healthcare providers, over-utilization of healthcare exists for many reasons, and it is extraordinarily frustrating .

In addition, putting all of the responsibility on physicians to FIX a patient who has made poor choices is deflecting where the responsibility lies. Also, at times, physicians may not always have the answer nor the solution. Physicians only know what they have been taught. Getting more than one opinion is acceptable and reasonable. Physicians can be a source of knowledge and valuable perspective, a provider of skills, a patient’s advocate, etc.; however, they are human and so am I. What I do know for sure is that NOBODY has discovered the “human manual” being delivered at birth…thus, there is always room for interpretation and hence, the ART of medicine will always exist. We must pay attention to our bodies, develop a trusting relationship with a physician or other healthcare provider, and do the best we can to engage in habits that optimize the one body that we have been given.

We can all learn and make changes for the better.

Take Action …YOU are Your Lifestyle!"

More about Dr. Cady


Melissa Cady, D.O. is the author of PAINDEMIC. This book is Dr. Cady's contribution to the world as a pain medicine trained physician. The goal of PAINDEMIC is to be a voice of reason for patients who suffer from chronic pain and for professionals who treat people in pain.


A Practical and Holistic Look at Chronic Pain, the Medical System, and the antiPAIN Lifestyle.

Have new pain or old pain? Know someone with pain? Perspective is everything before you dive into what the health, wellness, and medical community will offer you or your loved ones. 


Community Leader

Dr. Cady is the founder of PAIN OUT LOUD, a community of pain challengers and pain professionals. Members are able to hear that "Healing Stories Matter" from real-life pain challengers. And they can be inspired to overcome their own pain with the wisdom from thoughtful pain professionals.

PAIN OUT LOUD: Healing Stories Matter

Community of Pain Challengers & Pain Professionals

This is a dual membership platform for pain challengers to tell their story of PAIN OUT LOUD with other pain challengers or sufferers regarding healthy ways in which they have overcome or minimized suffering from their pain. It is also a resource of pain professionals who share their practical, holistic, and varied approaches to the multiple pain challenges that members and the general public may have.



Dr. Cady recognizes that when the medical system under-reimburses or under-values education, then it is under-delivered. The difficult-to-measure intangibles and better education are the cornerstone of truly impacting someone's health...and physicians and patients intuitively know this. Society deserves and needs better education—Dr. Cady is delivering on that mission.

Whether you are a small group or a large corporation, Dr. Cady enjoys educating audiences about:


  • Our PAINDEMIC (Pain Epidemic)

  • Pain Basics &/or Myths

  • Self-care & Wellness


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Small challenges can change your life.

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